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Before the interview

Recruiting Services

Attracting, hiring, and onboarding great employees requires a clear vision and sustained attention.  What are you looking for, how do you advertise that, where do you advertise that, how do you ensure Equal Opportunity compliance? Who should be involved in interviews, how many interviews should you have, what questions do you ask the candidate, what questions don’t you ask? When do you do a background check, and how many references are appropriate?  All of these questions and more are important to the success of your recruitment.  We can help with any portion and save you time and find the best candidate for you.  


We offer recruitment services to meet employers’ needs whether you’re a small, medium, or large organization.  Our consulting staff take pride in being your strategic partner. We create plans, outline processes, participate in interviewing, and prepare documentation.

We serve numerous client industries including business services, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, healthcare, non-profits, and the public sector.  Our experience includes roles in human resources, accounting, finance, sales, marketing, supply chain, procurement, quality assurance, office administration and IT support, and management or leadership roles depending on your needs.

We understand the pressures and legal compliance needs of your organization. When you engage our team in your recruitment process, we’ll help you navigate a balanced path to success.

Let's Work Together

We can help with any portion and save you time and find the best candidate for you. 

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